Man robs woman at her home, then adds her on Facebook and asks her out

26 Jun 2023 11:33am
Picture for illustrative purposes - FILE PIX
Picture for illustrative purposes - FILE PIX
INDIANAPOLIS, United States - A man has been arrested for armed robbery in Indianapolis after allegedly robbing a woman at gunpoint, then adding her on Facebook and asking her out on a date.

Amber Beraun was checking her mail when Damien Boyce allegedly held her up with a gun, robbing her of US$100 cash, United Press International reported citing reports from WRTV Indianapolis.

Beraun said he then told her to search him on Facebook and add him while he watched.

Boyce told Beraun that he would pay her back later before fleeing the scene on a bicycle. Later Beraun received Facebook messages from Boyce telling her that he wanted to meet up with her.

"Look just know imma pay you back, it's an (expletive) way to meet but (expletive) you was too pretty to rob,” one of Boyce's messages said, according to Fox 19.

"For real. I'm (expletive) we had to meet up on them terms. Come chill with me. I swear I'm no on that type of timing.

Boyce was arrested for armed robbery on Wednesday. He was also charged with possession of a handgun as a felon.

He was also arrested the week prior for robbery resulting in bodily injury and battery with a deadly weapon, besides being accused of shooting two people and hitting another person with a brick in that incident.

"He (Boyce) really tried to rob me of my own things, but he took away my sense of safety from my own home, " Beraun told WRTV - BERNAMA
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