State polls: Muda not contesting for power, wants check and balance

28 Jun 2023 07:00pm
Syed Saddiq (centre) at the press conference on Wednesday.
Syed Saddiq (centre) at the press conference on Wednesday.

PETALING JAYA - Muda contesting in the state polls is to become the voice of the people and is not merely for power.

Its president Syed Saddiq rebuked former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad statement that Muda’s decision to fly solo in the state elections is a waste

“I believe that what the average person wants is a strong system of checks and balances to ensure their voices are not forgotten, isolated and marginalised.

“That’s why Muda offered candidates to be used as the check and balance system to speak out and defend the people to ensure new politics is given a priority, not just to gain a (state assembly) seat.

“Yes, we can’t take control of the government, but what we can guarantee is to work hard for the people, becoming a voice of the people to ensure no one is indifferent or takes the easy way out,” he told reporters during a press conference on Wednesday.

Dr Mahathir on Wednesday stated that Muda's decision to go solo in the upcoming state polls which as a waste if it could not form a government.

He cynically said the party’s actions would place candidates on several state seats without changing the formation of the government.

Syed Saddiq previously stated Muda's intent to cooperate with Pakatan Harapan (PH), but it fell on deaf ears.

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The Muar MP announced Muda would fly solo with their own strength in the upcoming elections.

Syed Saddiq said despite many Muda leaders lacking in political expertise, they make up with passionate idealism.

He added that when Muda was founded he was aware that the party’s struggle would require a lot of time.

“We don’t have a large patronage network to expand the party quickly, but we want to keep trying and bring about new political change even though it would take time and even if its a journey that is filled with defeat.

“In the end it will mean a lot when we reach the destination to raise the dignity of the people to make Malaysia prosperous, dignified and a country with integrity,” he commented.

When asked about whether Muda was still a part of the unity government Syed Saddiq stated he was not an individual suited to answer such questions.

“I’m not an individual suited to answer such questions and it must be directed towards the unity government leadership itself.

“Everyone knows I’m not included in their discussion process. So the question would be better off directed to the unity government leadership,” he said.