Seven Malaysian pilgrims did not perform Wukuf

29 Jun 2023 09:36am
Seven Malaysian pilgrims did not perform Wukuf (For illustration purpose) - AFP Photo
Seven Malaysian pilgrims did not perform Wukuf (For illustration purpose) - AFP Photo
MAKKAH - Seven out of the 31,600 Malaysian haj pilgrims did not perform the Wukuf on Tuesday.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Senator Datuk Dr Mohd Na’im Mokhtar said three haj pilgrims were in coma at a Saudi Arabian hospital while four were treated at the Makkah Tabung Haji treatment centre for mental health problems.

He said two of the haj pilgrims were in a coma after suffering a stroke and another was due to pneumonia, are being treated at a Saudi Arabian health facility and will only be allowed to return on the doctor’s advice.

"A total of 54 patients were taken for Wukuf in six special buses through the Wukuf Safari programme," he told reporters after visiting the TH Makkah treatment centre here.

In the meantime, he said Malaysian pilgrims are now in Mina, about 6 kilometres from here to perform the stoning rituals at three jamrah, which is the last phase of the haj.

Meanwhile, Mohd Na'im once again reminded Malaysians to check in detail the individuals or companies carrying out badal haj to avoid being cheated.

"Such scams have happened many times and we have been warning pilgrims to be careful," he said, adding that badal haj scams continue to occur every year, possibly due to the nature of Malaysians who are soft-hearted and too trusting such that they are easily deceived.

According to him, people should use the services provided by the Haj Pilgrimage Operator (PJH) companies licensed by TH for badal haj instead of unlicensed companies or individuals.

Badal haj or haj substitution means a person who has performed the haj for himself and then performed the haj for someone else, whether the person has died or is sick and has no hope of recovery to perform the haj in the holy land. - BERNAMA
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