Be brave, report corrupt bosses to MACC, says NGO

30 Jun 2023 06:39pm
Photo for illustrative purposes. (Smaller image, Zainal Adnan Abdul Halim)
Photo for illustrative purposes. (Smaller image, Zainal Adnan Abdul Halim)

SHAH ALAM - Lower ranking public and private staff must be more courageous to report corrupt activities of higher ranking officials, said Islamic NGO, Ikram.

Its Kuala Lumpur chairman Zainal Adnan Abdul Halim said workers must reveal such matters to the higher ups and to lodge a report to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

He said lower-ranking workers must inform or seek advice from higher-ranking officials before filing a report.

"If there is no change in their attitude, lower-ranking workers could take action by providing information anonymously and exposing any corrupt activities involving higher-ranking officials.

"The issue must come from an individual but it would be even more detrimental if it involved both lower and higher-ranking parties, as it would result in losses for both the people and the nation," he told Sinar, today.

Perlis State Ikram chairman Associate Professor Dr Shahrir RIzal Kasjoo on Wednesday said the monitoring department heads or lower ranking staff in public or private sector must tighten governance to prevent corrupt practises.

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He said individuals selected as department chiefs should not only possess the necessary qualifications but also have a strong sense of identity and responsibility to oversee and monitor the activities of all employees.

Zainal said the higher ranking officials have the power to ensure all governance set in any organisation was implemented well.

"They must provide a good example by reprimanding the staff not to be involved in corruption practices such as receiving 'duit kopi' or undertable money.

He said due to the presence of corruption, the public's trust in the implicated departments would be severely compromised.