Isosynergy Holdings: Driving remarkable growth for local entrepreneurs and startups

06 Jul 2023 01:26pm
Isosynergy Business Development Manager Nuraini Sedek stated the company has helped over 2,500 business owners since 2021
Isosynergy Business Development Manager Nuraini Sedek stated the company has helped over 2,500 business owners since 2021

SHAH ALAM - Isosynergy Holdings, a dynamic team of business owners, is dedicated to empowering local entrepreneurs in their journey from startup stages to achieving remarkable growth.

Nestled in Cyberjaya, this innovative company has already assisted over 2,500 business owners hailing from diverse industries, ranging from Food and Beverage (F&B) establishments to creative media enterprises and even the intricacies of healthcare logistics.

Its business development manager, Nuraini Sedek, enthusiastically highlighted the company's holistic approach, which extends beyond strategic guidance.

"We have helped people fundraise for about RM8 million in an event we called ‘Connected’.

"It is a business networking event. And also, we have pulled in about 400 people, including business owners, investors, agencies, and so on and so forth.

"We actually help businesses at the startup level because we believe that youth is the future.

"We got an invitation from Multimedia University (MMU) to help with a programme that they call iCadaet, where we develop an entrepreneurship programme and craft and customise a module called Minimum Bull Product.

"Then we also develop a shuttle-like programme, and we have about twelve student entrepreneurs pitch to get their funding, and we are part of the jury as well," she said.

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With the multitude of business types they encountered, Isosynergy faced the challenge of catering to each distinct need in order to achieve their business goals. Nuraini emphasised that a comprehensive understanding holds the key to assisting them in their endeavours.

"We start with the business screening. We want to understand the founders. We want to understand the business.

"We want to understand what kind of future they are looking for. So from there, we put them on a roadmap and customised them. From there, we close the gap.

"We analyse the gap, we fix it, and then we put the numbers into the realistic numbers game. Then we put together a marketing strategy, and then we help with financial control strategy implementation," she told Sinar Daily in the latest episode of Bang For Your Buck.

Inevitably, challenges bring forth the looming spectre of failure, particularly within the dynamic realm of the business industry. However, Nuraini reassured that Isosynergy has diligently prepared itself to confront and surmount such risks.

"So businesses can fail if they don't put the right roadmap in place." "That is where it is really crucial to understand the future of the business that they are looking for.

"So from the roadmap, from the gap, we will cap, and then we will implement certain strategies, especially financial strategies because we see business owners tend to be happy when they see a lot of revenues, but they never analyse the net profit.

"That is where we can actually decide and see if your cash flow is doing very well or not," she said.

One piece of advice Nuraini has for entrepreneurs is that they should not be alone in the business industry.

"Get into the right circle so you are not alone. Get to know the right friends, collaborate, and expand because we believe this is synergy.

"Believe that when you leverage into more than one entity, we can grow bigger, expand bigger, and also sustain inside the markets," she said.