Selangor PH banking on state govt's track record to win over voters

08 Jul 2023 12:54pm
FILE PIX from Pakatan Harapan FB
FILE PIX from Pakatan Harapan FB

SHAH ALAM - The period leading up to the state election will be fully used by the Selangor Pakatan Harapan (PH) machinery to spread the word to the voters and people in Selangor about the successes achieved throughout the term of the PH administration in the state.

Selangor PH election director Mohd Yahya Mat Sahri said all the achievements recorded by the state government will be used as campaign material in the state election to gain the support of the people in Selangor.

"It's no use campaigning with accusations, it will be counter productive. It's better to focus on what we've already done and what we're going to do, I think people in Selangor will be more accepting of that," he told Bernama.

Mohd Yahya said PH's ability to govern Selangor was clearly proven after successfully contributing more than a quarter of the national economy or 25.5 percent to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth last year.

"It's not data released on a whim, it's been proven, it's a fact. We show much better performance, that's why with our initiatives (Selangor PH's) right from the beginning we really prioritise the economy and always put the people first," he said.

Commenting on PH'S cooperation with Barisan Nasional, he said both coalitions have reached an agreement to move in tandem to achieve the same goal of winning the election.

"At the PH and BN level, after the central and state leaders reached an agreement to work together, we continue to build a community. Alhamdulilah we are okay and no issues arose, like today we discussed about the election, in less than 20 minutes we were able to reach a consensus," he said.

Asked about the people's confidence in the alliance, he replied that he believes the voters in Selangor are very open and even at the Election Committee level, PH is aiming to capture 51 of the 56 State Assembly seats at stake.

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Selangor, which has a total of 3,747,057 voters, will hold its state election simultaneously with five other states, namely Negeri Sembilan, Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu on August 12.

In the 14th General Election (GE14), PH dominated Selangor by winning 51 seats, followed by BN and PAS with four and one seat respectively.

Before the state assembly was dissolved, PH had 40 seats (PKR-19, DAP-15, Amanah-six), BN (five), Bersatu (four), Parti Bangsa Malaysia (PBM) (two) while PAS, Pejuang and Warisan had one seat each and while there was one independent assemblyman. Another seat, the Batang Kali seat, was declared vacant after its assemblyman did not attend State Assembly sittings for more than six months.

Bersatu had teamed up with PH in GE14 but later pulled out and the change in numbers was due to party hopping by assemblymen. - BERNAMA

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