Majority of five-year-olds in Pahang suffer from tooth decay

08 Jul 2023 07:50pm
Pahang State Health director Datuk Dr Nor Azimi Yunus observing the dental checkup for the Pahang State Dental Health Promotion Week on Saturday.
Pahang State Health director Datuk Dr Nor Azimi Yunus observing the dental checkup for the Pahang State Dental Health Promotion Week on Saturday.

KUANTAN - A total of 80.5 per cent of five-year-old children in Pahang suffer from tooth decay.

This is the fifth highest in the country based on the results of the national oral health survey for preschool children in 2015.

Pahang was fifth on the list, with 40.1 per cent of children aged 12 suffering tooth decay, according to surveys in 2017.

Pahang State Health Director Datuk Dr Nor Azimi Yunus said based on the survey done every 10 years, tooth decay among children aged five and 12 was still the main issue in the state.

She said the results of the research found the problem may stem from the low level of awareness of dental health screenings in the community.

"We found the rate of dental facility usage among Pahang residents to be only 24.6 per cent and one in four residents use the services of public dental healthcare.

"There are 73 premiere dental health facilities that prepare basic treatment services, with 64 opening daily and nine providing visitation services," she said.

She said such when met after completing the Pahang State Dental Health Promotion Week closing ceremony here in Kotasas on Saturday.

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Dr Nor Azimi said other than the problem of tooth decay among children, research in 2010 found 90.5 per cent of adults in Pahang suffer from tooth damage and 82 per cent suffer from gum issues.

She said other than the available dental health facilities, the Pahang State Health Department (JKNP) prepared three mobile dental clinics in Kuantan, Maran, and Lipis to ensure services for the public through the Outreach Dental Health Programme.

"There were eight dental expert services prepared in clinics and hospitals in this state.

"Several outreach programmes were planned with the cooperation of several parties.

"Last year, 39 collaboration programmes with religious institutions were held with higher education institutions, senior citizen institutions, rehabilitation centres in communities, foster homes, and Orang Asli villages," she said.

Dr Nor Azimi said Pahang residents were urged to use the dental health facilities at least annually for prevention and early treatments to avoid serious tooth issues.

She said the Dental Health Promotion Week was a dental health programme by the Health Ministry for the purpose of helping patients improve their dental health through strengthening self-care and community empowerment, as well as the prevention of dental diseases through early screening.

"This activity was celebrated in July annually with different themes, and this year it was celebrated from July 3 to July 9, with the theme ‘Healthy Mouth, My Choice," she explained.

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