Photographer exposes stalker, calls for action from family and police

12 Jul 2023 10:46pm
In a series of posts on Instagram, Acacia shared screenshots of the lewd conversations that the stalker has sent her
In a series of posts on Instagram, Acacia shared screenshots of the lewd conversations that the stalker has sent her

SHAH ALAM - A local photographer has voiced her frustration after enduring years of persistent stalking by an individual.

The victim, identified as Acacia Diana, claims that the stalker was previously arrested in the United Kingdom but was released pending a court date.

"I am exhausted, angry, and irritated by this individual named Shafiq Rosli.

"If anyone knows him or his family in real life, please urge him to seek help," she wrote on her Instagram account today.

Acacia also revealed that the stalker recently resumed his harassment, urging both his parents and the police to take immediate action.

"This week, he has returned to his destructive behavior. Syfa Rosli and Mr. Rosli (his alleged parents), if you are out there, please address your family member's troubling actions.

"Please tag anyone who knows him, and @pdrmsia_official, please assist. This has been happening for years, and I am mentally exhausted," she stressed.

Moments later, Acacia accused the stalker of being aware of her social media posts about the matter and falsely believing they were in a relationship.

"He is aware that this is being shared. He is currently messaging me.

"He delusionally believes that we are in a relationship and that I am surrounded by malicious individuals.

"He interprets everything I do, even unrelated posts, as a sign that I am communicating with him. His level of delusion is alarming.

"This has been going on for years, and I have gathered substantial evidence. I am prepared to share every piece. I hope nobody ever has to experience what I have gone through. I have reached my limit," she added.

Acacia's story has sparked outrage on social media, and social media users have come forward to offer their support.

"I'm so sorry that you're going through this," one person wrote.

"You're not alone, and I hope that the police are able to help you."

"This is absolutely disgusting. I hope that Shafiq is brought to justice," another person wrote.

Responding to the viral post, Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil urged Acacia to submit the evidence, including police reports and screenshots, to his official government email.

"Salam, please email me the details, including the police report number or a copy, for further action," Fahmi commented on her post.

Among the screenshots shared by Acacia are lewd conversations targeting her, which she did not respond to.

Acacia's story is a reminder that stalking is a serious crime, and that it can have a devastating impact on the victim.