Prolonged exposure to pornographic videos affects teenagers' focus

13 Jul 2023 10:47am
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SHAH ALAM - Prolonged exposure to pornographic videos has been found to have detrimental effects on teenagers, including difficulties in focusing while studying.

CPC International Psychology Consultant Dr Noor Aishah Rosli said that this disruption was caused by addiction to watching such videos, leading students to neglect their academic responsibilities.

She explained that an obsession with pornographic videos creates heightened excitement and a desire for more frequent consumption.

"Once addiction takes hold, it becomes challenging for students to concentrate fully on their studies because their minds are preoccupied with the pleasures depicted in explicit acts," she said.

According to a study conducted by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), 75 per cent of teenagers, particularly males, have watched or viewed pornographic materials.

Aishah further elaborated that teenagers frequently engage in masturbation due to watching pornographic videos and experience declining school attendance.

This behaviour often occurs at night, which led to exhaustion and difficulty waking up early for school.

Moreover, the effects of pornographic content also contributed to a desire for solitude and a tendency to avoid social interactions.

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"When students prioritise these activities over everything else, they are willing to sacrifice their social relationships with family and friends.

"They spend their solitary time browsing more pornographic videos for masturbation purposes," she added.

Aishah also pointed out that engaging in such behaviour could negatively impact teenagers' future relationships when they enter into marriage.

Due to their obsession with masturbation during adolescence, they may struggle to fully enjoy intimacy with their partners.

Another consequence for teenagers was the development of an excessive imagination concerning others around them.

"By merely looking at someone's face, they can imagine their physical attributes and visualise engaging in intimate relationships," she said.