80 percent of Kedah's revenue and expenditure is from Kulim Hi-Tech - Rafizi

14 Jul 2023 08:20pm
Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli - FILE PIX
Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli - FILE PIX

SHAH ALAM - Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli claims that 80 percent of Kedah's revenue including government salaries and expenses comes from the industrial and development areas surrounding Kulim Hi-Tech.

Rafizi stated that Perikatan Nasional (PN) has never revealed that revenue that the Kedah government currently enjoys from Kulim Hi-Tech originated from the efforts of the Federal Government.

He mentioned that they have spread news alleging that the Federal Government has punished and neglected Kedah.

"PN needs to remember that Kulim Hi-Tech did not appear out of nowhere.

"It required planning and research for several months and years before it was developed.

"That is the responsibility of the Federal Government, to study and identify comprehensive solutions that can bring long-term progress to the state," he said via Twitter on Friday.

Rafizi added that Kedah is the fifth poorest state in Malaysia and has a significant income gap between rural and urban areas.

"This is because Kedah's income and revenue depend on only a few sources.

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"Why would the Federal Government sideline Kedah? In a democracy, the logic is simple: we do good for the people so that they continue to support us.

"So for now, I think it's better for PN to take some time to think and clarify to the people what offers and ideas they have done to help the people, instead of repeating the same thing every day," he explained.