Child dies of diarrhea, mother disappointed with klinik kesihatan

18 Jul 2023 07:38pm
Illustrative Picture
Illustrative Picture

KUANTAN - A two-year-old disabled child (PWD) died today at Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital (HoSHAS) in Temerloh after suffering from diarrhoea for the past week.

The male child who had global developmental delay and congenital laryngomalacia died at 9.34am in the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Following the incident, a woman believed to be the child's mother expressed her dissatisfaction with Klinik Kesihatan Bentong on Facebook, stating that they failed to recognise early indicators of her child's illness during treatment at the institution.

After evaluating her child's skin, abdomen, and body temperature, the mom claimed that the government clinic staff only recommended three packets of saline water, suspecting food poisoning.

"I was concerned because my child's eyes appeared sunken, and I was disappointed because I had hoped the doctor at the clinic would direct us to the hospital or perform a blood test on my child, but there was none," she stated.

Before taking her child to a private clinic nearby, the mom reported that she got increasingly concerned about her child's condition.

Meanwhile, The Pahang Health Director Datuk Dr. Nor Azimi Yunus noted that the Pahang Health Department referred to a viral social media statement today involving a case of a child experiencing diarrhoea and sought treatment at Lurah Bilut Health Clinic on July 12.

"The patient is a two-year-old male disabled child with global developmental delay and congenital laryngomalacia who was brought to the clinic by his guardian at 11.30am on July 12 with diarrhoea symptoms that began on July 11."

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"Based on the documentation at the clinic, it was found that the physical examination was normal and there were no signs of dehydration, and the patient was allowed to go home with treatment," she said today in a statement.

She said that the patient's guardian had taken him to a private clinic the same day and received a referral letter to the hospital.

She stated that the patient was then transferred to Bentong Hospital Emergency Unit on July 12 and examined around 4.20pm

"The patient was found to be critically ill and was immediately transferred to the NICU at HoSHAS Temerloh."

"The patient's condition became increasingly critical after five days of treatment.

"The child died today at 9.34am and the cause of death is still being investigated," she explained.

She indicated that the Pahang Health Department would undertake an inquiry and take appropriate action.

"The state Health Department is committed to ensuring the safety and quality of medical services for patients," she continued.