The 1975: Public should have immediately notified the police

26 Jul 2023 10:28pm

KUALA LUMPUR - Concertgoers who witnessed the atrocity of British rock band The 1975 at the Good Vibes Festival 2023 should have immediately reported it to the police, said former Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

He said legal action could not be taken against the group as they had returned to their home country, the United Kingdom (UK), early in the morning last Saturday.

"The public shouldn't blame the police for not taking immediate action in detaining the band. A report should have immediately been filed so that we can move in," he said at a press conference with Malaysian International Humanitarian Organisation (MHO) secretary-general Datuk Hishamuddin Hashim on Wednesday.

Musa, who is also the president of Malaysia Community Crime Care, said the police could only take action if initial information or a report from the public is received.

"The public needs to cooperate with the police... so that we can arrest those who break the law," he said.

He also called for the Prevention of Crime Act 1959 to be reintroduced to help police with their investigations.

Meanwhile, Hishamuddin said Central Agency for Application for Filming and Performance by Foreign Artists (Puspal) should have conducted a more detailed study on artists who want to perform in Malaysia.

He also called on the government to form an enforcement agency task force to monitor performances by foreign artists.

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"We as Malaysians certainly don't want shameful incidents like The 1975 to happen again in the future.

"Not only blacklisting The 1975 from entering this country but strict action must also be taken against the group, including prosecuting them in court.

"Hold the organisers accountable too for their complicity in the disgusting act of The 1975," he said.