Malaysia's economic warning: Xavier compares to Afghanistan's situation

27 Jul 2023 02:25pm
Datuk Xavier Jayakumar during an interview on Sinar Daily's podcast.
Datuk Xavier Jayakumar during an interview on Sinar Daily's podcast.

SHAH ALAM - Former Water, Land, and Natural Resources Minister Datuk Xavier Jayakumar has issued a warning about the dangers of a bad administration in Malaysia.

Speaking on the Sinar Daily Podcast Programme, Xavier highlighted the importance of circumstances and compromise in forming a stable government for the country.

Drawing a comparison to the current situation in Afghanistan, where the Taliban's takeover has resulted in a worsening economic crisis, Xavier stressed the significance of cooperation and unity among political parties in Malaysia.

"Circumstances and compromise that brought this government together for the sake of the country.

"It's a good move. If not, Malaysia will have a Taliban government, going to be very bad economically and for investors," Xavier expressed his concerns.

He stressed the need to address Malaysia's current ranking, which stands at sixth among Asean countries, urging for corrective measures to improve the nation's standing.

In the context of foreign investment and support from various angles, Xavier highlighted that the government in power must treat everyone equally, adhering to the constitution's principles.

He pointed out the importance of staying true to the constitution and upholding its principles in guiding the nation's governance.

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