Underdog but confident to win in Bandar Utama, says environmentalist Abe Lim

29 Jul 2023 05:43pm
Abe Lim
Abe Lim
PETALING JAYA - Muda's Bandar Utama state seat candidate Abe Lim acknowledges her status as an underdog in Selangor polls, recognising the challenges ahead.

She is against incumbent Jamaliah Jamaluddin who secured 90 per cent of votes in 2018 state elections.

Despite being considered an underdog, Abe has expressed confidence in winning the support of the people in the constituency. She said it is crucial for voters to have an alternative voice to solve their issues.

"I definitely feel confident because there's a lot of local issues that are not solved yet that I'm be able to give them an alternate voice for that."

As an environmentalist, she would be be advocating environmental protection work and urban planning, both of which are central to her manifesto.

"We are here to be the true voice of the people. I don't have any hindrance. No gag orders from the top to be able to stop what I say to represent people.

"If you know me personally, I've been doing environmental protection work for a very long time. But at the same time, this is a platform where we get to blend people first, urban planning into action. That is one of my manifesto as well."

Her party president, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has offered advice to Abe for the election that is to "prioritise the people and uphold principles and integrity" as key tenets.

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