Ustaz Soberi dies while giving morning sermon

30 Jul 2023 04:35pm
Mohd Soberi
Mohd Soberi

SHAH ALAM - Council of Isma Islamic Scholars (MUIS) Deputy Chairman Dr Mohd Soberi Awang died after collapsing while delivering a morning sermon at Surau Al Ittihadiyyah, Section 9.

He was pronounced dead while receiving treatment at a hospital.

The news of Mohd Soberi's death was announced by his son-in-law, Mus'ab Umairi, through a post on the social media site Facebook on Sunday.

"Today, my father-in-law, the late Ustaz Dr Soberi Awang, has returned to his creator. Our morning in Cairo was wet with tears.

"Alhamdulillah, for the blessing of being with Baba, even if only for a moment. Umai learned a lot from Baba. May Allah place Baba among the martyrs and the pious," he wrote.

Mohd Azizee Hasan, the President of the Malaysian Muslim Teachers Association (iGuru), described Mohd Soberi as approachable and passionate about sharing knowledge.

He mentioned that he frequently visited Mohd Soberi's residence for studying, as they had studied together in Jordan before returning to Malaysia.

"He possessed profound expertise in fiqh and was highly skilled in both the Arabic language and poetry," he wrote on Facebook while expressing condolences to Mohd Soberi's family.

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