Curb spread of Si Hulk, Ahmadi Religion deviant teachings

03 Aug 2023 11:35am
Screenshot of a viral video of a family who had followed the Si Hulk deviant teaching.
Screenshot of a viral video of a family who had followed the Si Hulk deviant teaching.

It is tremendously terrifying and worrying when the deviant teachings of Si Hulk and Ahmadi Religion suddenly appear attempting to mislead Muslims in Malaysia.

This is highly disturbing because Si Hulk is spreading distorted beliefs, such as claiming that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is God, while Ahmadi Religion was believed to have been promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) lifestyles.

These teachings are wrong and must be taken seriously in the effort to eradicate it completely.

Those who observe such teachings should not be given face since they are becoming bolder in showcasing themselves and their teachings on social media.

Recently, the Kuala Lumpur police arrested eight individuals suspected of being involved in the Ahmadi Religion deviant teachings during a gathering in front of a shopping centre in the capital on July 29.

One of the suspects had previously been detained for distributing materials related to the Ahmadi Religion in a mosque in Putrajaya.

Si Hulk followers are also increasingly prevalent and audaciously posting confession videos on Facebook.

Previously, the Johor State Fatwa Committee ruled that the beliefs and teachings founded by Suhaini Mohammad, also known as Suhai Ibni Mohammad are deviant, deviating from Islamic beliefs, syariah, and morality.

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Pursuant to this, the state religious department will collaborate with the Royal Malaysia Police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to take enforcement actions against Si Hulk teachings, including blocking the distribution of videos by those involved.

According to media reports on July 23, Si Hulk followers were found to be in New Zealand along with their leader, Suhaini.

They are believed to be trying to seek asylum from the New Zealand government, using the reason of being threatened by the people in Malaysia.

However, the police firmly stated that they are monitoring the remnants of Si Hulk followers who are still in the country to curb the spread of this teaching.

Therefore, all parties need to cooperate with the police in disseminating information to prevent deviant teachings from further infiltrating society.

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