Vandalising PH campaign material uncivilised act - Nicole

04 Aug 2023 08:31pm
Nicole showing the campaign material that has been vandalised.
Nicole showing the campaign material that has been vandalised.

SEREMBAN - Ahead of the state polls on Aug 12, several Negeri Sembilan Pakatan Harapan (PH) flagpoles were vandalised by vandals along the main road of Rimbun Vista.

PH candidate for the Bukit Kepayang seat, Nicole Tan Lee Koon, described the act as uncivilised and not in line with Madani Malaysia.

She said she received a report about the incident on Friday and found that 19 flag sticks had been broken.

"In a country that practices democracy, voters can use the ballot box to reject a candidate instead of damaging campaign materials.

"Furthermore, the broken wood risks injury to others because it is sharp," she told reporters today.

She said her team had to do double the work due to the action.

"I appreciate the efforts of my team of volunteers, who are persistent and diligent.

"They managed to install 1,200 buntings and 16 billboards within 30 hours after the nomination of candidates.

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"However, I will take lessons from the voters who did not vote for me other than checking and making improvements," he said.

There will be a three-cornered fight for the Bukit Kepayang state assembly seat between incumbent Nicole Tan (PH-DAP), P Subramaniam (PN-Bersatu) and independent candidate Ahmad Zamali Mohamad.

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