Physical driving licenses still being issued - Loke

05 Aug 2023 04:06pm
Transport Minister, Anthony Loke Siew Fook - FILE PIX
Transport Minister, Anthony Loke Siew Fook - FILE PIX

GEORGETOWN - Physical driving licences are still being issued, and vehicle drivers can apply for them at any branch of the Road Transport Department (RTD) nationwide if they need one.

Transport Minister, Anthony Loke Siew Fook, said that physical licences have never been discontinued and are still issued to applicants.

"We have not stopped the issuance of physical licenses; they are still given to applicants.

"Therefore, if they drive in a country that requires a physical license, they can obtain it from JPJ when they renew their respective driving licenses,'' he said here today.

He made this statement in response to two local men expressing dissatisfaction after being fined by the Thai authorities despite showing their digital driving licenses, which they possessed.

Through a Twitter post by Acapkay, he explained the situation they experienced with his friend after being stopped while riding a motorcycle in a certain area within the country.

It is understood that Malaysian individuals driving in Thailand do not require an international license; instead, they only need to have a valid RTD license.

Last February, the government, through the Transport Ministry, announced that Private Motor Vehicle Licenses (LKM) and Malaysian Driving Licenses (LMM) would be gradually transformed into a digital display mode.

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However, Loke clarified that Malaysian citizens driving overseas are subject to the local laws of the respective country.

"This digital license is introduced for drivers, so they can present it during enforcement checks. Thus, they will not be fined in our country.

"However, if they go abroad, they are, of course, subject to the regulations and laws of that country," he said.

He stressed that the Transport Ministry needs to have jurisdiction over the implementation of driving licenses in foreign countries, including Thailand.

"All parties need to understand that the Ministry of Transport does not have the authority to dictate the implementation of driving licenses in other countries like Thailand.

"If a particular country requires a physical license, then we (Malaysian citizens) have to comply. That falls under their jurisdiction. We cannot ask other countries to follow our methods; the laws between countries are not the same," he added.

Meanwhile, Loke mentioned that the payment process for road tax renewals will also be carried out digitally and will be implemented in stages.

"Payment will indeed be made online, and it will be done in phases.

"For now, we are testing our system, and through the MYJPJ application, we can already make payments," he said.