Diapers that are kind to the environment, even kinder to babies

06 Aug 2023 08:19pm
 Earth & Me biodegradable baby diapers.
Earth & Me biodegradable baby diapers.

Diapers have become an essential part of modern parenting, but did you know that they are also one of the biggest contributors to global plastic waste?

A majority of these disposable diapers end up in landfills and because they are typically non-biodegradable, this causes harm to the environment. Not-so-fun fact: a single use diaper can take up to 500 years to decompose!

While parents want what’s best for their child, it’s also important to be kind to the environment.

Luckily, the baby care industry has seen a growth in eco-friendly products, encouraging parents to make more informed and eco-conscious decisions when purchasing essential items for their young ones.

For example, a new homegrown sustainable baby products brand called Earth & Me has created Malaysia’s first biodegradable baby diapers.

Their innovation looks to directly address the alarming environmental impact of conventional diapers.

While the conventional diapers take 500 years to decompose, Earth & Me’s bamboo diapers biodegrade by over 60 per cent in just 75 days.

“At Earth & Me, our mission is twofold. Not only do we strive to safeguard the environment, we also recognise the need to shape the consumption mindset of the next generation.

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“Through our green baby products, we aim to ignite a paradigm shift: urging parents to embrace a sustainability-first lifestyle that will trickle down to their kids, as well as the planet they will grow up in,” said Earth & Me founder Michelle Teh.

Earth & Me founder Michelle Teh
Earth & Me founder Michelle Teh

The diapers are incredibly soft and breathable.The softness would be attributed to its bamboo fibres which are sourced from selected sustainable bamboo forests in China that are strictly free of pesticides and herbicides.

Another concern for parents when choosing diapers is buying one that can accommodate sensitive skin.

Created with the utmost consideration for delicate babies and their sensitive skin, the diapers are also naturally odour-repellent and contain no heavy metals, chlorine, dyes, brighteners, or artificial fragrances.

“As a mother of two myself, I personally felt the need to make sure that diapers — which are a necessity for every growing family — were making a more positive impact on the wellbeing of both the environment and my little ones.

“Since newborns take time to build up their natural immunity, it was important to me that Earth & Me’s diapers are chemical-free and prioritised the health and comfort of newborns,” added Michelle.

Earth & Me's biodegradable bamboo diapers are available in a diverse range of sizes from S to XL. The brand also has plans to develop a training pants variation, providing an additional option for growing infants.

In addition to its signature baby diapers, Earth & Me also offers baby-friendly natural cleansing wipes.

Earth & Me’s full catalogue of products are available for purchase on its official online store and ships nationwide.

For more information on Earth & Me, visit www.earthnme.co.

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