Inspector Sheila hopes to return to Bukit Aman

07 Aug 2023 02:58pm
Sheila (left)  at the Selayang Magistrate Court - FILE PIX
Sheila (left) at the Selayang Magistrate Court - FILE PIX

SELAYANG - Inspector Sheila who went viral on social media recently and was charged for threatening police officers, hopes to return as an investigations officer in Bukit Aman Kuala Lumpur.

S Sheila Sharon Steven Kumar, 35, said she wanted to serve the public to overcome evil and crimes.

"Actually, I can work in another field or overseas according to my credentials, but I choose to serve as a police officer.

"If God allows it I want to return and shoulder that responsibility," she said when met outside the Magistrate Court here on Monday

The civil servant hoped the public would not have a warped perspective of her after her video had gone viral on social media.

"If I met you outside of my duties, I'm a happy go lucky and fun person.

"I would only act strict when touching upon work as that was taught to me in the police training," she said.

On June 26, the civil servant pleaded not guilty in the Magistrate Court here on three charges of threatening and humiliating the respect of a lance corporal police officer and two civilians.

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