Stop political campaigns that intimidates the non-Malays, Samsuri says

08 Aug 2023 11:44pm
Dr Ahmad Samsuri
Dr Ahmad Samsuri

SHAH ALAM - Pas is concerned about the development of the last phases of campaigning in the state polls in which some leaders from Pakatan Harapan (PH) have begun employing tactics that threatens and intimidate non-Malays not to vote for Pas.

Its Vice President and Terengganu Chief Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar said the statement made by Segambut Member of Parliament Hannah Yeoh, who gave a speech that included threats and intimidation towards non-Malay people, was uncalled for.

He explained that Hannah's statement, which mentioned that the Selangor Menteri Besar would be from Pas and the removal of PH in the state election, will be an act of self-punishment and punishment for future generations can be construed as intimidation.

"The culture of threatening political campaigns is completely inappropriate and jeopardises racial harmony."

"But DAP never quits. This type of campaign reiterates Lim Guan Eng's unhealthy political campaign, which states that if the green wave wins, the temple will be demolished," he said in a statement today.

Ahmad Samsuri was commenting on a viral clip of Yeoh's speech, in which she warned voters in Selangor not to "punish" PH.

He also stated that existing rules and regulations apply to everyone, whether the administration or the opposition.

Ahmad Samsuri said there seemed to be a double standard attitude as if there were two different sets of rules for the government and the opposition, that would only bring Malaysia in the opposite path of 'reformation'.

"I take this opportunity today to invite and advise political leaders not to use such threatening political campaigns, but to campaign in a healthy and mature manner in order to maintain racial harmony."

"I also hope that Malaysians will not be influenced into politics like this, which insults the people and is uncivilized," he added.

He stressed that such awful political cultures must end.

He stated that under the administration of Pas Terengganu, relations between races was kept in harmony, and the welfare of the people was assured without discrimination regardless of religion, race, or party colour.

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"The rights of the people are guaranteed by the constitution, and it is also a claim in Islam."

"I invite everyone to make this state election a referendum for us to put an end to the political culture that threatens and scares the people," he said