Country's economic model should reflect unique ideology, direction, says Pas MP

10 Aug 2023 10:17am

SHAH ALAM - The economic development model of the country should be chosen based on its own "ideology," with a clear identity and direction, says Bachok MP Mohd Syahir Che Sulaiman.

Speaking at a forum on Malaysia's New Economic Model alongside Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli, Syahir said the importance of establishing an economy based on national stability with a well-defined core to tackle existing challenges.

"What we need is stability, not like the Madani Economy that aims to make Malaysia one of the world's top 30 economies.

"However, what's the use if the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Makcik Kiah and street vendors continue to complain that their sales are decreasing," he said yesterday.

Syahir slammed the recurring economic planning that lacks effective remedies to alter the nation's trajectory. Instead, he proposed to establish an economy that unique to the country.

"To develop the country's economic policy, we need to act with a dual focus and restructure society.

"Although our discourse revolves around the economic model, the recurrent discourse by Rafizi does little to resolve core issues, as it merely highlights problems without offering solutions," Syahir said.

The deputy Pas secretary-general added that although the cost of living in Kelantan is not as high as in other states, the purchasing power in the state is the highest.

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"Kelantanese live in simple houses but they have land, cattle and goats because they save assets instead of spending.

"So, the economic cycle that exists in Kelantan is not driven by the government but by purchasing power and investment," he said.