'Kedah should give Unity government a chance,' says Anwar

11 Aug 2023 10:19pm

PADANG TERAP - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has urged the people of Kedah to give a chance to the unity government under his leadership in Saturday's state polls to safeguard and improve their quality of life.

He said this is because the unity government has endeavoured to improve the people's living standards, including those in the farming, tapping, and fishing communities.

"What is the point of this political story? Yes, it's to safeguard Islam, the Malays, the Siamese, the Chinese, and the Indians, but improving the people's income is essential.

"I wouldn't be proud to be the Prime Minister if I couldn't do anything to help the poor," he said while speaking at the Unity Madani Campaign in Naka on Friday.

He added that the relationship between the state and federal governments needs to be vital to facilitate development plans, attract foreign investors, and benefit the people.

"I ask everyone to allow the state government to collaborate with the federal government for the benefit of the people. My friends and I have pledged to form a new Kedah state government," he said.

Anwar said the stability of the unity government plays a crucial role in attracting the interest of foreign investors to invest in the country, including in Kulim.

"This is because I was asked by Infineon Technologies AG (Infineon) from Germany about the government's stability assurance and efforts to control extremist groups in the North.

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"The first question was whether this unity government would remain stable for five years. I said, God willing, that I provided statements from Umno, Barisan Nasional, the PH position, Abang Johari's position in Sarawak, and the position of GRS (Gabungan Rakyat Sabah) Sabah Chief Minister.

"The second thing Infineon looked at was our economic policy, and they were satisfied and asked if the government would change this policy. I said no; as long as we are in power, the Madani economy has been accepted by the Cabinet and will be implemented.

"The third question was a bit more challenging to answer. They asked about the North, where extremist groups have emerged in the country, and whether the Anwar government can control this situation to prevent them from undermining this policy. I said it wasn't an issue. God willing, in these six state elections, it is assured that we will win and add one or two more states, including the three targeted ones," he said.

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