'Pas is poisonous, threatens the country's democracy' - Mohammad Agus

11 Aug 2023 10:45pm
Mohammad Agus
Mohammad Agus
SHAH ALAM - Voters must reject Pas, which is claimed to be extremist and poisonous, as it could threaten democracy, political stability, and interethnic harmony within the country.

Community Communications Department (J-KOM) director-general Datuk Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff said this is because of the closedmindedness of the party's leaders and followers to accepting the opinions and views of others.

He claimed that there are times when they respond irrationally to specific issues.

"For instance, the Pas leadership in Kelantan suggested that its people dig wells when facing water supply problems.

"People complained about the lack of clean water, and the party's leaders stated that there's plenty of water in Kelantan, which can be drawn from the Kelantan River. Although the water is turbid like 'teh tarik' (pulled tea), it is not impure and can be used for ablution," he said in a Facebook post on Friday.

According to Mohammad Agus, he has been observing the party since his university days in the 1980s and found it toxic, which has now turned poisonous, thus endangering the stability and prosperity of the nation.

"Just look at how the people of Kelantan complain about congested roads. Their leaders ask, what's the problem? They only go on vacation twice a year, during festive holidays.

"It's disheartening to hear such an answer. Its leaders refuse to acknowledge their shortcomings," he said.

Agus further alleged that the party also exploits religion, claiming that people who support Pas will go to heaven.
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"In Bangi, I saw banners with such claims, and Pas leaders even assert that they dream of meeting the Prophet Muhammad. Supporters believe and consider it miraculous; one cannot comprehend the extremity of their behaviour towards the party.

"They even manipulate the monarchy. The actions and political methods of Pas supporters contradict Malay culture. That's why I emphasise that this party is poisonous and should be avoided," he explained.

Therefore, Agus called on voters to reject the party for political stability, ethnic harmony, investor confidence, and economic development.

"Let's work towards a prosperous Malaysia. We support leaders and parties with a vision for the country while safeguarding the people. Such leaders include Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the Unity Government.

"Let's build Malaysia Madani as the best solution for the well-being and progress of our state and nation. We reject Pas because this party is poisonous," he concluded.