Low voter turnout in Kelantan affects Pas' victory

12 Aug 2023 07:26pm
Photo for illustrative purposes. Smaller image, Ahmad Marthada.
Photo for illustrative purposes. Smaller image, Ahmad Marthada.

SHAH ALAM - The declining trend in voter turnout for the state polls will affect Pas' victory in Kelantan.

Political analyst Professor Dr Ahmad Marthada Mohamed said Pas' victory relied on outside voters who contribute to their victory in the state.

He said the situation indirectly gave the edge and opportunity for Pakatan Harapan (PH) to win in the Kelantan state seat.

"The voter turnout percentage of 60 to 70 per cent was a normal occurence and it happened in the Melaka and Johor state elections.

"However, to some extent in Kelantan it would affect Pas' victory.

"The drop in voter turnout may be caused by residents not returning home, but I think it was an advantage for PH in the context of giving a challenge and competition for the state elections now," he told Sinar on Saturday.

The Election Commission (EC) stated five states recorded the voter turnout of over 60 per cent as of 4pm.

Terengganu recorded the highest voter turnout at 70 per cent followed by Kedah (68 per cent), Penang, (67 per cent), Selangor (65 per cent) and Negeri Sembilan (62 per cent).

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Kelantan was the lowest with a voter turnout of 56 per cent as of 4pm.

Ahmad Marthada added that among other factors of the voter turnout dropping was due to the public being burdened with the short gap between the general election (GE) and the state election.

"At the same time, the public viewed it was not as pressing as GE.

"However, the matter must be given attention by certain parties regardless of political party or the EC. They must re-examine the cause of it," he said.

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