OFFICIAL - Lim Yi Wei wins Kampung Tunku state seat

12 Aug 2023 10:45pm
Pakatan Harapan’s Lim Yi Wei won the Kampung Tunku seat - Photo by ATHIRA
Pakatan Harapan’s Lim Yi Wei won the Kampung Tunku seat - Photo by ATHIRA
KLANG - Pakatan Harapan’s Lim Yi Wei has won the Kampung Tunku seat.

She has successfully defended her seat after winning against Perikatan Nasional’s Chin Yoke Kheng with a majority of 23870 votes.

She obtained 26206 votes followed by Chin Yoke Kheng (PN) with 2366 votes.

She expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the trust placed by voters.

Lim said she is eager to deliver on the promises made during the campaign.

“We had hope for more voters to participate because it's an integral aspect of encouraging everyone to engage in the democratic process, but I'm pleased that people turned out later in the day,” Yi Wei told a press conference at the Wyndham Acmar hotel in Klang.

However, Yi Wei pointed out a significant factor, confusion regarding the separation of state and federal elections.

Many voters were under the impression that their participation in the previous November election was sufficient, leading to questions about the need for another vote.

This misconception, prevalent among the electorate, likely contributed to the lower turnout, she added.
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“Additionally, the decline in overseas voters and a notable drop in registrations for postal voters were cited as factors affecting the overall turnout.

“Despite these challenges, I remain optimistic about the people's engagement and a better turnout in future elections.”

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