Nurul Syazwani focuses on education, entrepreneurship in Permatang

13 Aug 2023 03:49pm

TANJONG KARANG - Tan Sri Noh Omar's daughter Nurul Syazwani who won Permatang state seat in Selangor elections wants to focus on the welfare of the people.

Syazwani said that her subsequent focus is to help improve the quality of education and produce more entrepreneurs in the constituency.

"I personally want to bring a lot of change especially to the young people and help and approach on their wishes to work together to develop this constituency," she told Sinar Harian on Sunday.

She said it is more important that she wants to continue working and preserving the good name of her father who is also a former Tanjong Karang Member of Parliament for six terms.

"I think carrying my father's name is not a shortcut for me, but rather a trust and a huge responsibility.

"I need to strive to be at least as good as him or be better to serve the people here," she revealed.

Commenting on her success in the Selangor election, Syazwani who is also Bersatu Srikandi Muda chief for Tanjong Karang said that the people have now matured and are able to identify the party that genuinely intends to become their voice in the future.

"Tanjong Karang used to be a BN's (Barisan Nasional) stronghold, but now, it had switched to PN (Perikatan Nasional) and I want to ensure that Tanjong Karang Parliament remains to PN.

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"I think this victory should not be wasted because it is a trust and a huge responsibility to help and defend the people," she noted.

Syazwani won Permatang seat defeating Pakatan Harapan's (PH) candidate Mohd Yahya Mat Sahri with a majority of 1,728 votes.

She raked in 12,850 votes while Mohd Yahya received 11,122 votes.