Actress details sexual harassment episodes, lodges police reports

13 Aug 2023 05:20pm
Zara Zya with police reports lodged
Zara Zya with police reports lodged
SHAH ALAM - Actress Zara Zya has revealed an incident of enduring sexual harassment that she has been confronting over the course of several months, underscoring that this is not an isolated event.

Zara Zya's whose full name is Zainurul Razia Mohd Zainuddin claims to have encountered harassment from various individuals spanning several years.

However, unable to tolerate the continuous disturbances, the 38-year-old woman filed a police report at the Shah Alam District Police Headquarters last Friday.

"Even though I've filed a police report, the individual is still harassing me with different phone numbers.

"What's more disappointing is that today (Sunday), another man sent me inappropriate pictures. Another man has previously harassed me for years intermittently," she told Sinar.

Zara added that she hoped the police would take swift action against the uncouth man and that this case would not take long to solve.

"I'm also concerned because these disturbances aren't limited to phone calls.

"I'm aware that I'm being followed," she said.

In a post yesterday, Zara revealed that an individual had sexually harassed her through verbal comments, indecent image messages and nightly phone calls.
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"These actions have disturbed my emotions. These disturbances have been ongoing for the past few months, causing fear and anxiety for me," she explained.

Not only that, but the actress has also filed another police report against an irresponsible party that used her name and image in connection with an online investment scam.

"Someone has used my name and image in an online investment scam on Facebook (Kerja Kosong Ipoh 2023) recently.

"Thank you to the PDRM for taking my statement, and I hope appropriate action will be taken against these culprits," she added.
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