Azmin won due to low voter turnout, says Juwairiya

13 Aug 2023 06:14pm
Juwariya (left) with Azmin  - Bernama file photo
Juwariya (left) with Azmin - Bernama file photo

SHAH ALAM - The Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidate for Hulu Kelang Juwairiya Zulkifli acknowledged that there were multiple factors contributing to her loss in the Hulu Kelang seat, with one factor standing out the most: low voter turnout.

Voter turnout stood at 69 per cent, resulting in PH losing in seats it had previously won such as in Hulu Kelang, Keramat and Taman Medan.

The Hulu Kelang seat was won by Bersatu's Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali who secured 25,597 votes while Juwairiya obtained 23,980, making up a difference of only 1,617.

She further told Sinar Daily that some of the voters prefer state and federal elections to be held simultanously.

The PKR deputy Wanita chief said this sentiment could potentially contribute to the observed decline in voter turnout, as some individuals might choose not to participate, assuming their vote carries less weight under the assumption that others will cast their ballots.

However, Juwairiya said this could significantly impact the overall election results.

She highlighted the need to address this perception in order to encourage greater civic engagement among voters.

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