Newly elected assemblyman Altimet swiftly responds to public requests

14 Aug 2023 10:25am
Altimet - FILE PIX
Altimet - FILE PIX

SHAH ALAM - Less than three days after winning the Lembah Jaya state seat, Altimet has already started receiving a range of requests from the public.

The rapper and songwriter, whose real name is Syed Ahmad Syed Abdul Rahman, has been responding to submissions on Twitter, including inquiries about water issues occurring in Taman Kosas, Ampang.

"Taman Kosas doesn't have water, please adjust it a bit," wrote one of his followers.

Altimet responded, saying: "Understood, currently collaborating with Selangor Water officials to address the water issue in Taman Kosas."

Additionally, there have been requests from users on the X platform to increase the frequency of public buses.

"Please improve the frequency of RapidKL buses for the Northern Lembah Jaya route. It's very much needed," said the individual.

Altimet replied to this submission by saying: "Noted. Will be addressed."

Altimet's swift response to the public's concerns has been praised by many, with some users commending him for being "proactive" and "responsive."

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Others have expressed their confidence that Altimet will be a good representative for the people of Lembah Jaya, given his track record of being a vocal advocate for social justice.

Altimet is not the first celebrity to be elected to a political office in Malaysia.

In 2018, actress Dira Abu Zahar was elected to the Dewan Rakyat as the representative for the Bukit Bendera constituency.

Dira has since been praised for her work as a parliamentarian, and she is seen as a role model for other celebrities who are considering entering politics. - AWANI