MYAirline achieved a 100 per cent On Time Performance (OTP)

21 Jul 2023 05:34pm
MYAirline's chief executive officer, Rayner Teo.
MYAirline's chief executive officer, Rayner Teo.

Malaysia’s new airline, MYAirline shared that they have successfully achieved a 100 per cent high on-time performance level (OTP).

This has been revealed by MYAirline's chief executive officer, Rayner Teo.

"We hit 100 per cent on OTP for many consecutive days by keeping the best operational specification, which of course will give the best customer experience," he revealed.

Besides OTP, MYAirline also focused on human interaction rather than artificial intelligence (AI) to assist their customer service.

"We believe that for a proper customer experience, especially in the aviation industry, human interaction is really important.

"With this point, we managed to have a big team to serve our passengers. They will be working 24 hours a day, and our passengers will communicate with real human beings.

"So, our team will be resolving any queries or any issue that passengers would face," he said on the Sinar Daily Bang For Your Buck programme.

In fact, MYAirline will make sure all their passengers feel the experience, and this must come first.

Besides customer experience, the MYAirline cabin crew uniform was gender neutral yet stylish with its unique jacket and pants styled with white sneakers that catch the eye of passengers.

This has been revealed by Rayner, who claiming that their team was very happy and pleased with the flight attendant's uniform.

"Yeah, we are very, very pleased with the uniforms that we have for our crew, and testament to that is the fact that we get a lot of very good feedback from passengers.

"So it goes along the lines of being casual. Most importantly, we are very comfortable, and testament to that is the fact that from day one, when we came up with the idea of starting an airline,

"You know, uniforms reflect the image of an airline. We have been getting a lot of good feedback on the sneakers from a lot of passengers who fly with us, even on the ground. They have been saying to us that they want to buy," he added.

In fact, he elaborated that gender neutrality will save time and space.

"I think that's very important, and we believe that we are the first airline globally that has a fully uniform element," he explained.