Don't make Zahid the 'black sheep' - Nur Jazlan

15 Aug 2023 02:15pm
Nur Jazlan. - BERNAMA PIX
Nur Jazlan. - BERNAMA PIX

JOHOR BAHRU - Leaders and Umno grassroots are advised not to blame an individual for the major loss of the party in the state elections.

Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said by making Umno president, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi the 'black heep' to bear responsibilities for the major losses of seats contested in the state elections would not solve the main issues.

He explained all parties regardless if they are from the central top grassroot leadership, division leadership or branch leadership must stand together to bear this burden because the rejection of the public towards the party was not a factor of one leader, but the Umno brand itself.

"Why name Zahid alone as the one who must step down? Why not take the Terengganu, Kelantan, Kedah, Selangor and Penang Umno chairmen to task? Technically, Umno had underperformed in all of these states except for Negeri Sembilan.

"Why would those in Umno not blame the deputy president, the three vice presidents, the central Wanita, Youth and Puteri and division chiefs in this matter? All parties must take their responsibility as Umno members

"Usually, if an Umno president fails it means the entirety of the leadership had failed," he said in a statement on Monday.

Nur Jazlan who is also the Pulai Umno division chief said he agreed with Umno vice president Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani who was more rational in evaluating Umno's performance in the elections and he wanted everyone to shoulder the responsibility of the loss.

He said if Umno made a post mortem and made changes to rise, public support could return to the party.

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"I agree with Datuk Seri (Johari) because he is rational and wise in commenting on the losses of Umno candidate in the elections. He did not want Umno individuals to blame the president, but all parties must shoulder the responsibility including himself.

"Unlike some individuals in the Umno central leadership who continued to lash out, as if they were the smartest in leading the party. They would immediately throw Umno requiring changes when performance drops.

"However, if we only talk about change, but the ideas of change itself is not implemented then it would only be talk without having any results," he said.

Nur Jazlan said the decisions related to the state elections were made as a consensus including in the Umno Supreme Council meeting where some leaders who were not satisfied joined in to decide.

He said even the president gave the freedom to the Umno state and division chiefs in the selection of candidates deemed worthy and able to win the elections in their respective state assemblies.

"We can't blame the Umno president on the lack of party performance as individuals must band together and perform their responsibilities and find methods to solve any issues.

"For example in the Melaka and Johor state elections, the party was led by the same president and the candidates nominated were discussed together.

"The results were outstanding, no issues of the Umno president becoming a liability for the party. At the time the president was going through trials in court as he did now, there were no major issues," he said.