A corruption-free nation starts with its leaders

17 Aug 2023 02:49pm
Mohamad Rizza
Mohamad Rizza

SHAH ALAM - Leaders must cease political activities and start working for the people since power is granted to them to fulfil their duties and not for their personal interests.

Pahang Rasuah Busters chairman Ir Dr Mohamad Rizza Othman believes that leaders must adhere to their manifestos and begin carrying out their responsibilities to safeguard the welfare of the people.

"The recent state election results show that the people expect a change from the leaders.

This victory is not a ticket for them to neglect the trust and responsibilities bestowed upon them by the people.

"The people choose, and leaders are chosen. Despite constraints, it is not an excuse for them to engage in corrupt practices," he stated to Sinar Harian yesterday.

Rizza also mentioned that all campaign topics covering issues such as infrastructure development, employment opportunities, and local economic generation during the recent election need to be promptly addressed. At the very least, they should be handled within the five-year term.

"We see many promises being made, whether by parties or candidates. Even though some might label them as election promises, we want them to be fulfilled to prevent issues of power abuse among leaders.

"Efforts to make this country corruption-free should commence at the leadership level," he emphasised.

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