Accusations of going against Islam: Two PH-BN assemblymen demand apology from Kelantan MB

20 Aug 2023 01:35pm
Mohd Syahbuddin and Dr Hafidzah during a press conference at the Kelantan Umno Office on Sunday - FILE PIX
Mohd Syahbuddin and Dr Hafidzah during a press conference at the Kelantan Umno Office on Sunday - FILE PIX

KOTA BHARU - Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Mohd Nassuruddin Daud, has been urged to make a formal open apology towards the Galas, Kota Lama state representatives as well as BN and Pakatan Harapan (PH) within seven days starting on Sunday.

The apology demands were made following Nassuruddin actions of labelling both representatives as going against Islamic struggles while delivering his lecture at Medan Ilmu, here on Firday.

Galas state representative Mohd Syahbuddin Hashim said the apology notice was sent today (Sunday) to the Menteri Besar’s office after a police report was lodged.

He said the failure to do so would lead to legal actions namely a civil suit in court.

He said the claims were made after Nassuruddin made the lecture publicly announcing it clearly and consciously that the Galas and Kota Lama state seats representatives webt against the Islamic struggle.

“Representing 10,742 Galas public who voted for BN and 9,691 Kota Lama public who voted for PH we were offended with the Menteri Besar’s statement which I think was extreme and excessive.

“The statement that going against Pas was the same as against Islamic struggles was a takfiri (accusation) culture that could serve to divide the people and the community,” he said in a press conference at the Kelantan Umno Office on Sunday.

Also present was Kota Lama state representative Dr Hafidzah Mustakim.

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Syahbuddin said the statement could lead to a misunderstanding, which was accusing BN, PH voters of being opponents.

He said the Menteri Besar's speech which carried a cynical and arrogant tone should be avoided in the future.

“I think the accusation he (MB) threw at me and Kota Lama is a big mistake and it should be withdrawn.

“Upholding democracy and Islam as the federal religion, I request the religious minister, muftis and religious scholars to give their views on the Menteri Besar’s statement which turned out to be very different than the previous Kelantan MB Datuk Ahmad Yakob,” he said.

Dr Hafidzah said she and voters supporting BN-PH felt challenged with the unethical statement especially those said by the top leadership of the state government.

She said it did not respect that the nation and public democracy have their own right to choose.

“We must take strict actions. We can’t be toyed with, even though there were only two of us representing the public performing checks and balances,” she said.