Elmina crash: Brother determined to keep Ustaz Deris' legacy of kindness alive

20 Aug 2023 07:02pm
Nurul when met at the Tengku Sulaiman Ketari mosque in Bentong, today.
Nurul when met at the Tengku Sulaiman Ketari mosque in Bentong, today.

BENTONG - Nurul Qomar Abdol Talib@Ramali, 38, the younger brother of the late Idris, 41, is determined to keep the legacy of kindness of his brother alive in moving forward.

Idris was among the 10 who died in a Beechcraft 390 (Premier 1) light aircraft crash at Elmina, Section U16, Shah Alam at 2.40pm on Thursday.

Nurul who is the seventh child out of eight siblings said his brother was active on social media and did charity works in the district throughout his life.

"Actually, I didn't wish to disclose this. I just wanted to let it be his secret with Allah SWT.

"My brother helped a muallaf family believed to be from Sarawak during the Movement Control Order (MCO) by sending prayer mats, Quran and to my surprise, the he still gave them monthly assistance until now and an Indian single father whom he helped has also embraced Islam, this year," Nurul revealed.

The Pahang Bersatu Armada chief said this at his brother's funeral at the Barak Muslim Cemetery near Benus, here, today.

Nurul also shared that Idris who was the fifth child used to joke a lot in the WhatsApp group chat.

"Two days before the accident, he was joking with his friends and the last time we met was on Tuesday, we had time to drink with some other officers who died in the crash. To be honest, he did not show any change in attitude," the younger brother added.

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Nurul who said he accepted the loss admitted that the calmness shown by his parents gave the family strength to face their fate.

Previously, Idris or fondly known as Ustaz Deris who served as the enforcement officer at the Raub District Islamic Religious Office was on a year's leave without pay and served as a special officer to the late Pahang Housing, Environment and Green Technology Exco Datuk Seri Johari Harun.

Idris was survived by his wife Adlina Aisyah Ahmad Rusli, 41, and three children aged 56 days, 10 and 14.