Selangor PN state assemblymen demand fair allocation

21 Aug 2023 05:54pm
(From left) Razali, Nurul Syazwani, Zamri, Jefri
(From left) Razali, Nurul Syazwani, Zamri, Jefri

SHAH ALAM - Perikatan Nasional (PN) in Selangor has pledged to serve as a respected opposition in the state assembly, representing the people's voices, and providing checks and balances against the state government.

Sungai Panjang State assemblyman Mohd Razali Saari said PN's role will be comprehensive and hopes that the state government fulfills its responsibility and mandate effectively.

He also called for fair allocations to be given to opposition assembly members.

According to him, the leadership of Selangor under the administration of Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari for his second term is expected to provide fair allocations to the Opposition state assemblyman.

"We hope that the PH (Pakatan Harapan) and BN (Barisan Nasional) government will govern fairly in terms of allocations.

"We don't want a repetition of the previous term when opposition state assemblymen did not receive any allocations to assist the people," he told Sinar today.

Permatang State Assemblyman Nurul Syazwani Noh said the state government is urged to focus in fulfilling promises and manifestos made during the recent Selangor State Election.

She said the five year pledge for "Tawaran Kita Selangor: 'Lima Tekad Untuk Lima Tahun Selangor'" must be implemented comprehensively for the residents of the state.

"I hope the Selangor government would act fairly towards all state assemblymen whether from the government or the opposition, especially in providing allocations to allow us to assist the people.

"This is especially so as we are recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic and face rising living costs," she said.

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Nurul Syazwani said the previous state government had channeled allocations only to the state assembly coordinators.

Sungai Burong assemblyman Dr Zamri Mohd Zainuldin reminded the Selangor unity government not to practice old politics that discriminates the opposition.

He said development in Selangor should be comprehensive regardless of whether it is initiated by the government or the opposition.

"We want the current unity government to leave behind this discrimination and practice new, mature, and prosperous politics," he said.

When asked about the appointment of the opposition leader in the Selangor state assembly, Zamri said the matter would be decided soon.

"We will meet soon to discuss this. I believe it will not be deviated from the previously established structure, although it hasn't been finalised," he added.

Ijok State assemblyman, Jefri Mejan said PN will continue to advocate for people's issues and voice their concerns in the Selangor State Assembly sessions.

He said that the opposition will continue to play a constructive role by bringing benefits and the best services to the people and the state.

"We hope all parties can focus on the task of protecting the interests and welfare of the people," he added.