New Dinosaur Encounter Educational and Entertainment Park opens in Terengganu

22 Aug 2023 11:18am

KUALA TERENGGANU - A new educational and entertainment park that showcases prehistoric dinosaur life from various eras has opened at the Terengganu Science & Creativity Centre (PSKT) here.

The park, called the Dinosaur Encounter, was developed by Wegrow Global in collaboration with PSKT.

It uses augmented reality, virtual reality, and animatronics to create an immersive learning experience for visitors of all ages.

The Wegrow Global CEO Dr Anir Syazwan Sharbirin said that the park offers a genuine scientific exploration of the world of dinosaurs, providing visitors with an immersive learning experience through direct engagement.

He explained that the educational and entertainment park is developed using augmented reality, virtual reality, animatronics, and modern technology to enhance and refine the content, resulting in an immersive experience.

"Our intention is to present educational elements covering various screens of knowledge for visitors of all ages in the tourism sector, thereby benefiting the public.

"Dinosaur Encounter is an idea we have initiated for the collective benefit of all visitors. With the tourism sector rapidly dominating other industries, we believe that scientific elements can be injected to foster an informed community through educational importance," he said in a recent statement.

Elaborating further, he mentioned that the Dinosaur Encounter Educational and Entertainment Park is themed 'Outlast the Past,' highlighting the introduction of prey and predator species involving the Tyrannosaurus rex (T-rex) dinosaur as the Apex predator.

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The Apex predator is categorised as the highest predator in the food chain.

Various dinosaur species, including the species from Malaysia, are exhibited in the educational and entertainment park.

"There are also other dinosaur species such as the giant Spinosaurus that have been found and reported to have once lived in the Malay Peninsula rivers. Fossilized teeth of this species, aged 145 - 75 million years, were discovered in February 2014 in Pahang by an expedition team led by Dr Masatoshi Sone and his research team from the University of Malaya.

"Replica fossils of this dinosaur species have also been created for public viewing. Additionally, the Iguanadontid dinosaur species have also been reported to have been found in Malaysia," he explained.

The educational and entertainment park, a collaboration between Wegrow Global and PSKT, first opened opened to visitors last Aug19.

Apart from Terengganu, the Dinosaur Encounter can also be found in several other locations including the National Science Centre, Melaka Zoo, Teruntum Pahang Zoo, and Wetland Studios Putrajaya.