‘Take care of your wife’s feeling if you love her, not marry another’ - Anzalna

24 Aug 2023 10:10am
Anzalna Nasir. Photo: Instagram
Anzalna Nasir. Photo: Instagram

Actress Anzalna Nasir voices her opinion on the viral polygamy issue involving Tesla owner.

Through a post on her Instagram account, she stated that if a husband loves his wife, it is enough to take care of her feelings instead of marrying another woman.

"There is no need to depend on men in this life! Polygamy? Sometimes a woman looks calm only she knows what is in her heart.

"If you love your wife, it's enough to take care of her heart and feelings, not by marrying another woman. If a woman loves you, she will do anything for her beloved!

"Do the same, appreciate your wife because we have made many sacrifices. Watch out @hanif_zaki" she wrote while warning her husband, Hanif Zaki.

In the meantime, Anzalna also told her husband not to ever intend to have two wives.

"I went through the wedding album because I want to remind @hanif _zaki how much he had spent in order to marry me and how beautiful I was when I got married until it went viral! hahahah.

"You don't have to be bothered about having two wives! You can’t even handle me! I get emotional when I see something viral where the husband doesn't respect his wife!" she said.

Earlier, the Tesla owner received severe criticism among netizens after uploading a video showing his first wife agreeing to his second marriage.

Many gave a negative response to his actions, while some were disappointed because the man turned his second marriage into a social media content. - GEMPAK

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