Port Fest 2023 apologises for 'extreme dance' video gone viral

25 Aug 2023 12:40pm
A screenshot of a viral video showing a group of male and female spectators dancing inappropriately.
A screenshot of a viral video showing a group of male and female spectators dancing inappropriately.

IPOH: The People of Remarkable Talents (Port) organisation has apologised for a dance at the Port Fest 2023 concert near here last weekend.

The dance took place during the UBS Band performance and was caught on video, which then went viral.

Port's general manager, Nur Hanim Mohamed Khairuddin, explained that the "extreme dance" was not planned by the organisers and was something they couldn't control.

"The organiser hereby apologises if the viral dance had touched the sensitivity of some people.

"The method to organise the next concert is being revised so that such event can be prevented in the future," she said in a statement on Friday.

Port Fest 2023, which lasted for two days starting on Aug 19, was a festival celebrating different aspects of creative arts and cultures. It aimed to showcase over 300 artists from Perak.

"The Port Fest 2023 had successfully attracted around 20,000 visitors and generated approximately RM450,000 through the sale of foods, drinks and creative art products, performance events, exhibitions and competitions, and also accommodation rentals," she added.

A video of some young people dancing inappropriately during the festival went viral on social media.

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This dance, called the 'step' dance, involved some female spectators and was surrounded by male spectators.

It received various reactions from people online.

Independent preacher Ustazah Asma' Harun also commented on the incident.

She hopes such incidents won't happen again and that authorities will keep a close watch on events like these.

She suggests setting up guidelines for entertainment, ensuring male and female audiences are separated, making sure guest artists' appearances are appropriate, and not neglecting religious duties.

She also acknowledged that events like Port Fest are commendable for recognising creative artists but stressed the importance of carefully planning such events.