Contacts of two monkeypox cases passed 21-day incubation period, says health ministry

28 Aug 2023 07:40pm
Signs of monkeypox. Bernama photo
Signs of monkeypox. Bernama photo

SHAH ALAM - The Health Ministry (MOH) says all contacts of the two monkeypox cases are healthy and have passed the 21-day incubation period.

In a statement to Sinar Daily, it said the situation is being managed but has advised the public to seek treatment for suspected monkeypox or mpox symptoms.

The first case was from abroad, and the second was a close contact.

"The mpox virus spreads through direct human contact during the ongoing outbreak.

"This includes contact with infected people's symptoms, rashes, scabs, saliva and respiratory secretions like mucus," it further said.

Additionally, the health ministry is working closely with private doctors who often see at-risk individuals and report any suspicious cases.

The Ministry will also be collaborating with civil organisations to educate high-risk groups about prevention.

It furher said ongoing surveillance and health education are being conducted through partnerships with the Disease Control Division, private doctors, and civil organisations.

"The public should not worry as the situation is under control, and the incidence was sporadic/isolated.

"However, it is advisable to seek treatment if you or your partner has symptoms or signs of a suspected mpox infection."

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