'I question the struggle I consider noble' - Hassan Karim

05 Sep 2023 09:43am

SHAH ALAM – Pasir Gudang Member of Parliament Hassan Abdul Karim produced a poem titled 'Sajak DNAA' through a post on his Facebook.

The poem is believed to be related to the case of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who was acquitted of 47 charges of corruption, breach of trust and money laundering (AMLA) by the Kuala Lumpur High Court on Monday.

The Parti Keadilan Rakyat leader admitted that he was sad and questioned why it happened in the country.

In fact, he also admitted that he had begun to question the struggle that was considered noble all this time.

Here is the translated version of his full poem:

Why is this happening?

We talk about eradicating corruption every day

We stand on a high moral level

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Free from corruption

Uphold integrity

We chant reform slogans

But can the people believe all this now?

Prima facie has been proven

Suddenly, today, the corruption charges were dropped

DNAA was the gift

The decision was discharged not amounting to an acquittal given so easily

So relaxed it seems

Then I asked where is the rule of law?

Which is often repeated in this month of independence

Do not be angry when I ask again

Is it true that the Constitution of my country is supreme?

There are no two degrees in legal interpretation?

One for the common people

Another one for those from the power elite?

There is no day that I feel sad like today

It feels empty and pointless

A struggle that I consider noble all this time

Now I ask again

But this is what happened

People who are corrupt and break trust

Can escape from the law


What signal does the government want to tell the world today?