Police confirm crocodile attack on elderly woman while prawn fishing

06 Sep 2023 05:55pm
Nurkaisa was lifted by fellow fishermen upon arriving at the Jetty of the Fishermen's Wharf in Kampung Sungai Timun, Rembau.
Nurkaisa was lifted by fellow fishermen upon arriving at the Jetty of the Fishermen's Wharf in Kampung Sungai Timun, Rembau.

ALOR GAJAH - Melaka police have confirmed receiving a report on an elderly woman who was attacked by a crocodile in Sungai Timun, Lubok Cina, here, last Monday.

Alor Gajah District Police Chief Superintendent Arshad Abu stated that the report was filed by the victim's child after being informed by their friend that their mother, Nurkaisa Ausad, 65, was bitten by a crocodile while catching freshwater prawns.

He said the victim was believed to be catching prawns along with other fishermen.

"However, when she descended into the river to catch prawns not far from the boat, her leg was suddenly bitten by a crocodile.

"The victim struggled, causing her to escape from the crocodile's bite," he said in a statement here today.

He said that while saving herself, the victim's head struck the edge of the boat, resulting in injuries.

He added that their friend, who was also a fisherman, rescued her before taking her to the hospital for further treatment.

"The victim suffered injuries to her right ankle due to the crocodile bite and head injuries.

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"At present, the victim's condition is stable, and the case has been referred to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) Melaka for further action," he said.

Meanwhile, Perhilitan Melaka Director Petra Sulai, when contacted, stated that an investigation is still ongoing and that the victim's location was in a crocodile habitat area.

First Crocodile Bite Incident

The Jeti Pangkalan Nelayan Kampung Sungai Timun MyKomuniti Fisheries (MyKP) Chairman Aripin Salleh stated that all land fishermen in the area are aware of the existence of crocodile habitats there, and these reptiles often appear along the river.

"Six years ago, there was an incident where a crocodile collided with a fisherman's boat, but it was not aggressive, unlike this time, which resulted in injuries.

"They have also been advised not to fish or catch prawns in the incident area to prevent a recurrence because there are many other areas with prawns and fish," he said when contacted by Sinar today.

Aripin stated that Cik Nor has been one of the land fishermen in the area for 20 years.

"There are times when we (fishermen) go to Melaka (Sungai Ramuan Cina Besar, Melaka), and there are times when we go to Negeri Sembilan because our river is interconnected," he said.

Meanwhile, fisherman Nabil Afifi Omar, 23, said that they usually do not go to the incident location after learning that the area is a crocodile habitat.

"We adhere to the advice and prohibitions when going down the river, especially maintaining good relations so that their livelihoods go smoothly," he said.

Rafi Norman, 49, a resident of Kampung Sungai Timun, stated that this is the first incident to occur since settling there 49 years ago.

"Here, there has never been a human being bitten by a crocodile like the rivers in Sarawak, so I hope all parties, especially fishermen, will be more cautious after this because this river is one of their sources of livelihood," he said.