Abdul Wahab finally obtains MyKad after 71 years

06 Sep 2023 07:34pm
The National Registration Department (JPN) Director-General Zamri Misman (second from the left), handing over the MyKad to Abdul Wahab (middle).
The National Registration Department (JPN) Director-General Zamri Misman (second from the left), handing over the MyKad to Abdul Wahab (middle).

KUALA NERUS - The 71-year wait for an elderly person who is a person with disabilities (PWD) in the slow learner category (a type of disability) finally ended after successfully obtaining identification documents today.

Abdul Wahab Saleh, who was born in Kampung Pasir Tinggi near here, only had a birth certificate as a citizen but did not possess an identity card (MyKad).

He had previously fallen ill and was admitted to the hospital in early May. He faced difficulties in terms of healthcare treatment costs.

Hence, his niece, Normah Mamat, 59, had made efforts to obtain MyKad for Abdul Wahab.

She said that Abdul Wahab had never married and is currently being cared for by her and her sister, Fadilah Mamat, 60.

"My uncle has no permanent residence. He will stay with me in Kampung Telaga Daing or at Fadilah's house in Kampung Pasir Tinggi.

"My sister and I will take turns taking care of him. My uncle has never received any medical or welfare services officially throughout his life until now.

"He only has a birth certificate but no identity card. This is because in the old days, life was tough, and people moved around a lot, so they didn't have time to register identity cards for their children," she said after a ceremony to present identification documents in Kampung Telaga Daing here today.

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Also present was the National Registration Department (JPN) director-general, Zamri Misman, who handed over the MyKad to Abdul Wahab.

Further commenting, Normah expressed gratitude because her uncle now has a valid identification card, enabling him to enjoy various government assistance and facilities.

Meanwhile, Zamri said that the application for identification had been facilitated by the Field Operations team of the People's Welfare Planting Programme (Mekar) of JPN Terengganu, who had gone all out to get documents for those who didn't possess them.

With MyKad, hospital transactions and assistance from the Social Welfare Department can be expedited.

"However, Abdul Wahab actually had a birth certificate, but there was no identity card because it could not be arranged all this time," he explained.

In the meantime, Zamri urged the public to report to the 212 JPN offices throughout Malaysia to assist any individuals experiencing identification document problems.

"JPN will continue to be committed to conducting field activities for the people to obtain JPN services regardless of their background, status, race, and religion, as well as their presence throughout the country, in order to create the well-being of the people.

"For more information about the Mekar Programme, the public can contact the telephone line at 03-8880 7208/7209 or email [email protected]," he said.