World Kids #QuranHour instills Al-Abrar values

10 Sep 2023 10:18am
Contestants and families as well as programme crew showing their support for 2023 World Kids #QuranHour - FILE PIX
Contestants and families as well as programme crew showing their support for 2023 World Kids #QuranHour - FILE PIX
SHAH ALAM - Warisan Ummah Ikhlas Foundation (Wuif) organised the World Kids #QuranHour with the theme of 'GenQ, Al-Abrar Legacy' in conjunction with Karnival Pendidikan Sinar Bestari at the My #QuranTime Studio, Karangkraf Media Complex, here on Saturday.

A total of 100 students from 24 primary schools in Klang Valley joined the interactive programme through reading, understanding and practising the Quran live on QuranHour's Facebook digital platform.

Wuif CEO Marhaini Yusoff said the World Kids #QuranHour targets children to approach the Quran through reading, understanding and practice by taking the Al-Insan surah as the main surah in carrying the theme of Humanising the Ummah.

The theme brought the Humanising the Home, Humanising the Workplace, Humanising the Nation as well as Humanising the World agenda in efforts of realising the mission to ensure a family enters heaven.

"Children could become agents of change to bring the glorious values from the Quran and hadiths.

"Mentor and parents are focused on changing their mind and character with the guidance of the Quran and hadith in building GenQ. The manner of conveying the message of the Quran should be served according to the suitability of the character and the child's mindset.

"Similar to nurturing children while they were young. This meant early education especially for the Quran for children from home was important, it should be supported by outside parties. When the minds of children are still fresh, the Quran's values can instilled in them," she said.

Marhaini said the cooperation and support from parents, schools and kindergartens were needed to hold the World Kids #QuranHour for the Quran Calendar (KalenderQu) as an annual agenda other than the World #QuranHour, Arafah #QuranHour, Malaysia #QuranHour and World #QuranConvention.

She said they could also establish a Quran Corner in schools throughout the nation.
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"Wuif hopes it can target Muslim children throughout the world to join the World Kids #QuranHour at a global scale next year. At the same time we hope there is the Kids Quranic Valley to become a platform to research the Quran to build the minds and characters of children.

"The research or the study will be essential to instill a child's identity with the Quranic knowledge, then building a legacy project humanising the Quran. The Quran Mmovement campaign must be done continuously to achieve the mission of Developing the Al-Quran and Encouraging the Ummah in 1500H," she said.

The World Kids #QuranHour would introduce and instill 11 Al-Abrar characters to children based on the Al-Insan surah to give birth to virtuous individuals (Al-Abrar).

It includes the responsibility of humans to Allah SWT and the responsibilities of humans to each other.