Does 'The Nun II' live up to the hype?

07 Sep 2023 03:48pm
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The sequel to 'The Nun', 'The Nun II' fell short of delivering a truly captivating gothic horror experience.

While it has received some positive reactions, with many considering it an improvement over the first movie in the franchise, it is worth noting that Corin Hardy, who previously directed the first ‘Nun’ in 2018, did not return for the sequel.

Instead, Michael Chaves, the director who helmed the mediocre ‘Conjuring’ universe films, took the reins.

This change in directorial direction was expected to bring an interesting twist to the movie.

The malevolent Valak, a sinister presence, once again haunts in 'The Nun II', this time emerging five years after the initial release of its sinister onslaught on unsuspecting priests in the first film.

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Chaves opens the movie with a pre-credits prologue, a scene that is a hallmark of 'Conjuring' universe films – evil lurking in the darkness, an impending sense of dread, mysterious sounds, and a spooky atmosphere. It sets the tone for what's to come.

In 'The Nun II', Valak takes its malevolence to 1950s France, spreading terror and murdering innocent priests, which draws out Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) to investigate the sinister occurrences.

We already know the origins of Valak, how it manifested into the world, and the series of sinister events it unleashed upon those within the church before the Warren family condemned it back to hell.

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Four years after the Saint Carta incident, a new series of enigmatic murders of priests and nuns has occurred, prompting Sister Irene to delve into the mystery.

This time, she is accompanied by Debra (Storm Reid), another sister from the same chapel, instead of Father Burke (Demián Bichir). As Sister Irene and Maurice (Jonas Bloquet) reunite, the haunting by Valak begins anew.

And, of course, there are plenty of jump scares. For those with the faintest of hearts, I would advise against watching it.

Personally, I found myself hiding under my shirt, sitting uncomfortably, as the sound effects and scenes were perfectly matched to satisfy fans of horror movies.

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Overall, the movie delivers a gruesome and gory experience, but I expected more from the ending, especially since it features Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren from 'The Conjuring'.

Unfortunately, the scene was disappointingly short and lacked adequate explanation.

While I understand Chaves' intention in keeping it brief, a bit more elaboration would have helped fans of 'The Conjuring' understand what's in store for the upcoming sequel.

The Nun II movie is out now in cinemas.