Low income among the reasons men abused by wives

14 Sep 2023 11:39am
Photo for illustrative purposes only - 123RF
Photo for illustrative purposes only - 123RF

SHAH ALAM - Low income and wives who tend to belittle their husbands are among the factors that put men in this country at risk of becoming victims of domestic violence, whether it is emotional or physical abuse.

Selangor Women and Children's Sexual Division (D11) chief Deputy Superintendent Norfidah Muhamad Dan stated that domestic violence was not limited to physical abuse alone but also included emotional and mental abuse, and men are not exempted from becoming victims.

"There are situations in which wives belittle their husbands because the husband does not earn a high income compared to the wife, and vice versa.

"This leads to emotional and mental disturbances for the victims.

"The victims feel pressured and perceive their lives as lacking in many aspects, and this is one of the branches or aspects of abuse," she said.

She added that embarrassment and concerns about reputational damage were some of the reasons why victims hesitated to report the abuse.

"Men have their own egos. Imagine he is the boss at the office, but in reality, at home, he becomes a victim of emotional and mental pressure from his wife, which makes him reluctant to report.

"Furthermore, victims are also worried that if they make a report, their family and friends will find out," she explained.

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Norfidah said anyone who was a victim of domestic violence, regardless of gender, has the right to be protected, as stipulated in the Domestic Violence Act 1994 (Act 521).

"If you look at the definition of a victim in Act 521, it clearly shows that it does not differentiate between male and female victims of domestic violence.

"Report it to the police, do not be ashamed or worried.

"Every case received will be handled and investigated according to existing regulations," she said.