Malaysians in Indonesia urged to maintain unity and patriotism

16 Sep 2023 04:46pm
Image for illustrative purposes only. – BERNAMA
Image for illustrative purposes only. – BERNAMA

JAKARTA - Malaysians here have been urged to uphold their nationalism sense and solidarity, to protect the nation’s sovereignty from any threats.

This was conveyed by the Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia, Datuk Syed Md Hasrin Tengku Hussin, during his speech at the 60th Malaysia Day celebration at the embassy complex in Kuningan, South Jakarta.

He recalled several events such as legal challenges by some European countries and the sovereignty of Sabah, which has been challenged by enemies.

"We are all here as patriots who will continue to fight and unite to defend the sovereignty of our beloved homeland from such threats.

"Let us preserve and strengthen the legacy of national sovereignty for the sake of peace, prosperity, and well-being based on the country's motto, 'Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu' (Unity is Strength)," said Syed Md Hasrin.

He also called for the image and reputation of the country to be upheld by demonstrating a professional attitude in contributing to Indonesia's economic development and respecting its laws.

"Tolerance, harmony, and strong understanding are the keys to Malaysia's strength and contribute to the security, stability, and prosperity of the Southeast Asian region," he said.

Syed Md Hasrin said that the embassy and the Permanent Mission of Malaysia to Asean are committed to promoting and safeguarding the country's interests, including the welfare of the Malaysian people.

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In addition to commemorating the contributions and sacrifices of heroes, the event, attended by Malaysia's Permanent Representative to Asean, Nur Izzah Wong Mee Choo, was also enlivened by the presence of more than 300 Malaysians.

The event began with a prayer followed by the raising of the Jalur Gemilang flag and the singing of the national anthem, Negaraku, accompanied by the Royal Malaysian Police Band brought in from Kuala Lumpur.

Cultural performances by children, recitations, dikir barat, and dance, were also held to instil the cultural identity of Malaysia among the younger generation residing in Indonesia. - BERNAMA