Viral video boosts actress Fasha Sandha's Instagram following

17 Sep 2023 03:41pm
Fasha Sandha. - @fashasandha (Instagram)
Fasha Sandha. - @fashasandha (Instagram)

SHAH ALAM - The number of people following actress Fasha Sandha on Instagram has suddenly increased after a video of her and her husband in a jacuzzi went viral.

Remaining positive, Fasha said that her followers have actually gone up, surpassing those who unfollowed her.

"In reality, my followers increased by 25,000. I checked after the video went viral. More people followed me than those who unfollowed me.

"We appreciate those who follow us. As for those who unfollowed, we're not bothered.

"Maybe some people found the video inappropriate because it was in a bathtub. If it were in a park, I don't think there would be an issue," she said.

Fasha was speaking at the product launch event for Beunita at Willow Hall, Forest Valley, Cheras, Selangor, yesterday.

On the video, Fasha noted that she doesn't blame those who left negative comments.

"I can't control what people think. I did it because I felt it wasn't wrong.

"Everyone has their own opinion. I shared it not to show affection but because these are moments we want to remember.

"As I mentioned, the video was taken while I was doing my duties. I accepted the role as the ambassador for this product because I've used it and seen results. I wouldn't be an ambassador if I hadn't used it myself.

"I've saved the video on social media and will upload the full versions today (Saturday)," she said.

Previously, Fasha received criticism for sharing a video of intimate moments with her husband in a jacuzzi or bathtub, especially considering her public figure status. - AWANI