Sunway Sanctuary; a luxe retirement home for the golden years

18 Sep 2023 05:03pm
Heated, saltwater pool at Sunway Sanctuary
Heated, saltwater pool at Sunway Sanctuary

Ageing is the greatest paradox of life - growing older is certain and inevitable, yet we don’t know what the future holds for us.

But to the best of our ability, we can plan for those precious years. Typically, one of the things that tops the list would be.. where would we live?

There are many retirement homes in Malaysia that offer a comfortable and safe environment, but the newly launched Sunway Sanctuary by Sunway Medical Centre takes it up a notch as it presents an upscale fully serviced residence for seniors who are looking for a space of complete holistic wellness.

Step inside the Sunway Sanctuary and you’ll discover that it can be very well masked as a five-star hotel. Well equipped with a 24-hour concierge and amenities that resemble a luxury hotel, it’s places like these that actually make you excited to grow old.

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Sunway Sanctuary is a place that empowers seniors to stay active and independent. There are two living arrangements here at the sanctuary and they are; Independent Living and Assisted Living.

Independent Living is for active seniors who are looking to be a part of a vibrant community that offers recreational and social activities.

Because the sanctuary is within walking distance of nearby restaurants, grocery stores and others, it enables the seniors to freely roam about with their daily activities within walking distance.

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Meanwhile, the Assisted Living option is for seniors who require more support with their day-to-day living. The helpful coordinators will organise the necessary arrangements based on one’s needs.

Sunway Sanctuary Health and Wellness advisor Dr Ericson Chia emphasised the difference between assisted living and nursing care.

“Assisted living means an older person requires a little bit of assistance to get dressed or to go to the toilet whereas nursing facilities require more intense care.

“It’s common to think that we are expected to slow down during our retirement year. Society expects you to rest at home but in reality, the more you slow down, the more health issues will arise,” he said.

This is where Sunway Sanctuary empowers the seniors to experience active retirement, where they will be encouraged to do more and even learn new skills.

Staying active is complimented through feeding the body with good, healthy food so Sunway Sanctuary’s team of certified nutritionists has curated healthy meals just for its residents.

Dining hall at Sunway Sanctuary
Dining hall at Sunway Sanctuary

The best eating strategy for ageing well are based on whole, real foods that don’t come in packages. Residents are invited to grocery shopping, cooking classes, and even talks for tips on healthy eating.

In addition to feeding the body with good nutrients, feeding the mind is just as important. Engaging in activities such as problem-solving games like sudoku, mahjong, bingo, and more are also accessible for residents.

And if games are not of preference, there are other activities such as art classes, storytelling, dancing and more.

Otherwise, residents are welcome to go for a dip in the heated, saltwater infinity pool while basking in the panoramic views of the cityscape.

Since this is a residence meant for seniors, the establishment put a lot of thought into its design, making it easy to move about at all corners.

There are wheelchair and walker-friendly ramps, railings and elevators to make mobility simple in all communal and facility areas.

Even its rooms, where residents can choose from contemporary studios, one-bedroom or two-bedroom suites are all designed with convenience, safety and accessibility in mind.

All rooms are designed to accommodate the need for extra safety and convenience.
All rooms are designed to accommodate the need for extra safety and convenience.

As seniors are at greater risk of falling, there are well-lit walkways, levelled and non-slip floors, wider corridors, automated doors and many seats and benches for when one needs to stop and rest.

In the case of health emergencies, Sunway Sanctuary is connected to Sunway Medical Centre as well.

For those interested, packages at Sunway Sanctuary are open to retirees or semi-retirees from 55 years old and above.

For more information, visit its official website or call 019-3130061.

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