Losong is the name of a place, not a type of snack

18 Sep 2023 06:30pm
A viral image depicts the various types of keropok lekor in Terengganu, sparking a debate on social media - FILE PIX
A viral image depicts the various types of keropok lekor in Terengganu, sparking a debate on social media - FILE PIX

KUALA TERENGGANU - Recently, a 'debate' among netizens regarding the types of keropok lekor (a traditional fish snack) in Terengganu has resurfaced, to the extent, that some have made it a topic of discussion and sharing on their social media accounts.

This follows the viral image that categorizes the types of keropok in Terengganu, including 'losong', 'lekor', 'nipis', and 'paku'.

Most social media users from Terengganu have refuted the circulated image, with some even deeming it "misleading."

A keropok entrepreneur, Ahmad Bukhari Ayob, 37, said that Losong is actually the name of a place or area where keropok lekor is sold, and many people from outside Terengganu prefer keropok from there because of its smaller and shorter size.

"Keropok 'losong' got its name from Kampung Losong.

"Like the keropok I sell, previously, people from outside Terengganu liked the smaller-sized ones that were sold at four sticks for RM1.

"People outside Terengganu prefer that size, which is why they call it keropok losong. Originally, whether it's big or small, it's all keropok lekor.

"In Terengganu dialect, you have keropok getel, keropok rebus (boiled), it's all the same thing," he said.

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Commenting on other names for keropok lekor, Ahmad Bukhari noted there is a misunderstanding regarding some of the labels.

"Keropok nipis (thin) here is actually called keropok selipar (slipper) in Terengganu.

"It looks like keropok keping (flakes), but when you fry it, it doesn't expand.

"In Kuantan, there are many of these types of keropok, but in Terengganu, there aren't many, if any at all.

"As for keropok paku (nail), I'm not sure where that name comes from.

"What is clear is that keropok lekor, whether people call it losong or not, originated from Kampung Losong.

"Whether it's small or big, it's still keropok lekor. Some call it keropok getel, rebus, fried, or even keropok gondel (dangle).

"For keropok crispy, it's indeed keropok crispy.

They are available in many places," he continued.

Meanwhile, social media account owner Unamul Hassan urged the owner of the image to stop sharing inaccurate information.

"Losong is not a type of keropok, It is the name of a village in Terengganu, Kampung Losong is one of the popular places to buy keropok.

"Keropok in each place in Terengganu has its own uniqueness.

"This is in terms of the keropok recipe, the type of fish used, or the history of the keropok's founder," said Hassan, who identifies as a native of Terengganu.